How to Catch Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout fishing in Southern California is one of the best games in town. Rainbow Trout can be found in many lakes and rivers across the USA, but particularly in Lake Arrowhead and in Silverwood Lake which is just a few mile from Big Bear Lake, in San Bernardino, California and Lake Perris, in Riverside, California.

As a fisherman, it is important that you always consider what type of trout fishing gear you will be using to catch trout before you start your trip. You will need a lake rod, light casting reel and 15 pound line. Now the rainbow trout here at big bear lake really go for these baits, salmon eggs, minnows, yellow cheese and trout fishing lures. The best time for Rainbow Trout fishing, is early morning or late after noon. This is when the trout seem to be more active.

When trout fishing at most lakes finding the best area to fish is what you have to figure out but since we are discussing Perris lake, I’ll let you in on where the sweet spots of the lake are. Fish all of the points and coves, these are reeded areas. That is where you will find the bigger rainbow trout. Once you get to any of these areas you are ready to start fishing. Fishing lures

Using your favorite bait or trout fishing lures, cast your line out keeping your eye on the bobber. With a little practice you will learn how to feel your trout line when the trout are striking the bait. To learn this, start by holding the line with your thumb and fore finger just above the reel. Gently twitch the line to the left every 30 seconds are so. This will make your bait swim giving the trout a signal that its time to have a snack. You will eventually feel a nibble then a strike. Once the rainbow trout strike to swallow the bait, a light jerk up with your rod will set the hook. Reel in your catch and remember the feeling you had while holding your line, this will help you to learn how to catch more trout or any other fish you fishing for.

The Rainbow trout is a cold water fish so the recommended seasons for trout fishing is winter through late spring. The closer you get to summer the rainbow trout usually go to deeper colder water which make them harder to catch, but you can still catch a hungry one every now and than

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